Monday, September 15, 2008

Rules & Disclaimers

-Only for items purchased from Overseas sprees
-Purchases above $50
-Mass meet up in Pasir ris

-Normal postage $2
-Registered postage $4
(tracking number provided only if i can source for as there are many posts a day)

-STRICTLY ATM transfers
244077412 posb savings

Order Format?
Item & detai:
Item & detail:
(Orders not in this format or from order form will be ignored)


1. If item is missing, damaged, or has missing parts then inform me with a simple email together with pictures if possible. I will do my best to get it replaced within the week.

2. If you opt for normal postage & do not receive your items then there is nothing i can do as I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE. I will however give you fre registered postage with your next postage

3. I will always make refunds ASAP if circumstances arrive and sprees cannot be conducted or items go out of stock. Just try and be a little patient.

4. My rates for sprees are fixed. Be nice with your questions and they can be negotiated depending on how much you are ordering and how much your items cost. I will not entertain emails telling me my rates are too high if you are not interested in joining the spree.

5. To this day, only 1 postage(normal post) has gone missing. And i have dealt with 1 very annoying customer.

I apologise if i have been rude because to everyone else i have been nothing but kind and answereing every single question. And as sellers we all know how difficult it can be when we have to deal with annoying customers and suppliers who are very busy as well.
You should know who you are by being very immature and throwing alot of accusations around.